I grew up in northern/central/western New Jersey—about as far from the turnpike as one can get and still be in the state. I attended Bryn Mawr College, where I majored in Philosophy and minored in English. I spent the second half of my junior year studying at Trinity College, in Dublin, Ireland, and seized the opportunity to travel as much as time and money allowed. I worked outside of academia for two years between college and graduate school, first in a library and then as a customer service representative at an education services company. I was in the Philosophy graduate program at the University of Connecticut from 2009-2015 and defended my dissertation on June 4, 2015, fifteen days before getting married. My partner and I spent the next two years in Oregon, where I was a Visiting Assistant Professor at Willamette University and an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Portland. While there, we spent a lot of time exploring places like the Oregon coast, the Columbia River Gorge, Crater Lake National Park, and Oregon Wine Country. Our son, Hunter, was born in April 2017. We recently moved back to the East Coast and I am currently teaching courses at UConn and enjoying my active, inquisitive infant who avoids sleep whenever he can.

hunter my son